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Tax Unit:  48 - Lafayette  Tax Type:  Mobile Home
Tax ID:  02-048-1715033-9  Year Assessed:  2015
Amount to Certify:  57.55  Owner:  21st Mortgage
Mailing Address:  620 Market St Ste 100  Mailing Address 2: 
City:  Knoxville  State:  TN
Zip Code:  37902 Country:  USA
Description of Property:  1996 Skyline Homes 14x70 980 Woodlake Estates 63a Property Address:  63 Woodlake Run Lot 63a
Property Address 2:  Property City:  Yoder
Property Zip Code:  46798 Property Country:  USA
Date Certified:  03/21/2016 Released:  Yes
Vacated:  No